Venture Domain Hosting Support

Setup AEES on Android

In order to add a mailbox to your Android wireless device please specify if you want to connect to your Exchange mailbox or to POP/IMAP one.

  • Exchange mailbox can contain 3 types of data: mail, contacts and calendar items. This data is synchronized between the server and any mail client configured to connect to the mailbox. Exchange mailbox can be accessed via MAPI, IMAP or POP. Depending on the protocol you are using to connect to the mailbox, different features will be supported:

    • MAPI

      • Direct live connection to the mail server.

      • Shared Inbox, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Notes and Free/Busy information for scheduling, Public Folders.

      • Out of Office Assistant.

      • Server-side rules and alerts.

      • Optional server-side spam management.

    • IMAP

      • Direct live connection to the mail server.

      • Synchronization of mail folders and items only

    • POP

      • Send/Receive mail only.

      • No synchronization. Mail is simply downloaded to the device.

Important: To set up a POP/IMAP mailbox, we strongly recommend using the IMAP protocol instead of POP protocol as POP protocol is considered to be outdated and can cause the performance issues for your mailbox.

  • POP/IMAP mailbox contains mail data only. The following features are supported:

    • Enabling forwarding.

    • Adding a mailbox to a Distribution List.

    • Setting up auto replies.

    • Hiding a mailbox from address book.

    • Storage management.