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Anti-Spam Policy

What is "UCE or Spam" ?

If you have been online long enough, you've no doubt received a number of "junk" emails. Some take the shape of "Make Money Fast" schemes. Others promise exciting new products or services, often amounting to nothing more than scams asking you to send money to a random address. Still others simply occupy space in your mailbox, asking you to forward chain letters around the world or visit a particular Web site. 

In the Internet community, Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE) is called Spam. And Spam is more than annoying to Internet users; it also seriously affects the efficiency of the network and servers through which mail is delivered. That's because Spammers take advantage of the low cost of email by sending hundreds of thousands or even millions of email solicitations at a time. Spam attacks consume large amounts of bandwidth, clog email boxes, and waste email readers´ time.

Fines will be imposed on accounts that violate the Anti-SPAM policies. (Please lick here for the list of fines)

Spam Policy Definitions

  • Excessive Volume: More than 20 email addresses in a single email sending and more than 100 emails within a 24-hour period where prior written approval from Venture Domain Hosting has not been obtained.

Unsolicited Email Message (UCE): Any email message that falls under 1 or more of the following categories:

  1. Chain" letters: Commercial solicitations where no prior commercial relationship exists and where religious, philosophical, or charitable solicitations or fliers where the recipient has not previously initiated communication.

  2. Sourced Spam: Each and every Unsolicited Email Message that is sent through a single Venture Domain Hosting supplied email account whenever that single email account originates an Excessive Volume.

Caused Spam: Each and every Unsolicited Email Message sent in an Excessive Volume by any party over any network to any party, which advertises or mentions a site hosted by a Venture Domain Hosting customer on the Venture Domain Hosting's network, whenever directly caused by the actions of a Venture Domain Hosting customer.