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Uploading your website (Using FTP)

You may begin uploading to your Ventue Domain Hosting hosting account immediately once you have received the welcome email containing your FTP Server address and login details by using a FTP client. If you are using a FTP client, enter your account's FTP Server address into the "host address" field. Once your FTP client has connected to your account, double-click to enter the public_html folder (or www/ folder, which is a symbolic link/shortcut to this folder) and begin uploading to your site. To replace the default place holder page you must simply upload a page named index.html in lowercase lettering.

Your FTP login and password was sent to you via email to the address that you supplied to us at the time of ordering your account. If you have changed your FTP password you will need to use the new password that you chose.

To access your account via FTP you will need a FTP client. There are many different FTP clients available, so you should find one that suits your needs the best by searching for FTP clients on Yahoo or Google.

The hostname will be the domain name of your website (ex: domain.tld), the user name will be your FTP account username, and the password will be the password of the FTP account. The user name and password are CaSe SeNsItIvE, so you must enter them exactly as they are configured. This FTP account will give you access to all files stored in the account's home directory.

If you find that you are able to login to your FTP accounts successfully, but are unable to download or upload any files to the server, or you are being disconnected when using certain commands you may need to enable PASSIVE FTP ( or PASV ) which can be configured in the FTP application you are using. If you continue to have the problem after enabling PASSIVE FTP ( or PASV ) please contact us via our support system for further assistance.