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Cloud Hosting FAQs

What’s the difference between shared hosting and cloud hosting?

Shared hosting involves multiple sites sharing the same server. Cloud hosting involves multiple sites sharing the resources of multiple servers. Cloud hosting isn’t bound to one location, and is, therefore, less prone to outages – if one server goes down, another can pick up the slack.

How much does cloud hosting cost?

Cloud hosting is very flexible, so the price you pay depends on the amount of resources you use. Generally speaking, cloud hosting starts at around $5, and can go up into the hundreds (or sometimes even thousands). Most sites will only need to pay between $5 and $50, though.

Can I change between hosting providers?

Yes. It’s like moving house online – you sign up to a new provider, move your digital belongings to your new home, then cancel your agreement with the old provider. This may sound finicky, but you’d be surprised how simple it is.

Can I host a website myself?

It’s possible, but we don’t recommend it. At its heart, good hosting is about accessibility – anyone anywhere should be able to access a website at any time. Setting up your own server requires a lot of technical know-how, and chances are you’ll end up spending more for a less reliable server.