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What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is the address of your website. It’s the URL that people type into the address bar to be directed to your websites, such as or

To help servers and browsers identify individual websites, each one is given an IP address. IP addresses are made up of a series of numbers separated by dots. Whilst computers are easily able to remember and identify IP addresses, it’s considerably harder for humans to remember multiple number combinations.

Domain names help ensure that human users can access the exact website they want, by making the address of that website unique and simple to remember. For a user to visit a particular website, all they have to do is type in the domain name, rather than a confusing sequence of numbers.

Domain names will feature both a Second Level Domain (SLD) and a Top Level Domain (TLD). The SLD is the part to the left-hand side of the dot (e.g. “amazon”), whilst the TLD is the part that comes after the dot (e.g. “.com”).